Friday, August 27, 2010

I need de-cluttering ideas....

My house is cluttered. I try to get rid of all kinds of things. If you don't use it....don't keep it. Currently...we live in a 672 square foot house...with 4 of us. The living room is the biggest room. Followed by the bedroom. I have so many craft things...a sewing machine...paints...markers...crayons...

Can anyone suggest a neat and tidy way to space save??

Help Help Help!! I'll post pictures of my living room at it's cleanest (if I can) I have two -2- year olds today...and an keeping the house clean is next to impossible. But I'll try to get a picture of the living room up. can check out my messy living room post from a week ago. LOL

Thanks ladies!

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  1. How about a six bin storage unit. You can organize kids toys, crafts, markets, etc in each bin.

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