Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Art Gallery...or a living room?

My little in her art studio! we opened a toddler art studio in our living room! It was incredible. My little girl is such a fabulous artist.

Hey mom, did you realize we can paint on the floor protector too? .....Ugh.

An up close view....

Hard at work!

The night slipped by us....Grandma stopped over for her Art Gallery Exhibit. I wanted to take pictures of all the art that ended up on my walls and doors! We put our easel out front for Grandma to see (maybe she couldn't figure out which house was holding the art never know.) Haha. 

Grandma loved it, of course. She even purchased a lovely painting. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed my art studio day..!


  1. You are so brave! I would have been freaking out about paint on my floor. But then again my walls are covered in art work!

  2. Love it. I work at an art gallery myself, maybe I'll see her work there someday! :)

  3. Nicole-- ugh I was freaking out at first. I always try to remind only live once. How often do you get to ruin a carpet anyhow? LOL.

    Common Goddess -- my husband was telling my daughter that one day when she is famous that he is going to sell her art work for tons of money, she looked at him and said "of course" maybe! I'll have to post pictures of the finished product tomorrow!

  4. So adorable! She did a great job on that tree, too!

  5. Well she may have had a LITTLE help from mommy....haha.