Friday, August 27, 2010

I need de-cluttering ideas....

My house is cluttered. I try to get rid of all kinds of things. If you don't use it....don't keep it. Currently...we live in a 672 square foot house...with 4 of us. The living room is the biggest room. Followed by the bedroom. I have so many craft things...a sewing machine...paints...markers...crayons...

Can anyone suggest a neat and tidy way to space save??

Help Help Help!! I'll post pictures of my living room at it's cleanest (if I can) I have two -2- year olds today...and an keeping the house clean is next to impossible. But I'll try to get a picture of the living room up. can check out my messy living room post from a week ago. LOL

Thanks ladies!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Have you had a day like this....?

Sure it's Friday, but essentially to us mommies...that means next to nothing. Sure my husband will be home all weekend. He'll be busy doing the things that didn't get done the weekends before. The list of things to do on the weekend is horrendous. My sister is getting married next weekend!! And I just...literally just...remembered that I have to write my speech! Gah! Add that to the weekend list. Along with get the shoes, weed the front flower beds, mow + weed wack, laundry (as always), drive down to see my parents, my sister in law's birthday, and I know there were a couple of other things. Oh yeah...and at some point maybe I will find time to relax with my hubby? My sister's bachelorette party is tomorrow evening as well, that's an all I can't attend because I am still nursing my son and the bars that she is going to allow smoking. Not a fan!

And to top all of that off.....this is what my daughter decided to do today....

The Royal Princess herself, atop the laundry basket! She's real lucky she's cute. 

What is mom looking at? ? I am going to take a nap. Will all of this be here when I wake up with the kiddos...unfortunately. I just need to restart this day. Maybe fairies will stop by while I'm napping peacefully? Ehhh.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aren't they adorable...?

I love having a co-sleeping family! My little guy, who is almost three months already is snuggled up next to his big sister, 2 (I am right here though!) She keeps wanting to put her arm around him. It's just too stinking cute!

Wasn't too sure how to turn the flash off! Haha.
Also don't mind my husband's foot in the background HAHA.

Now I'm not sure if you can post a picture comment, but if you can't....comment with a link to your sleeping angels! Love seeing little's pictures!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cloth diaper Sales

I frequently browse the Diaper Swapper page, but with all the other chatter going on, and it doesn't really notify me very well on updates (maybe it's just my settings, I dont know) Anyhow...sometimes I like to buy gently used Cloth Diapers, and I know there are many mommies trying to sell them. Can us girlies think of a better way to sell our diapers? Maybe start a blog for exclusively diaper selling? Anyone interested in this? Anyone have a better idea?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Art Gallery...or a living room?

My little in her art studio! we opened a toddler art studio in our living room! It was incredible. My little girl is such a fabulous artist.

Hey mom, did you realize we can paint on the floor protector too? .....Ugh.

An up close view....

Hard at work!

The night slipped by us....Grandma stopped over for her Art Gallery Exhibit. I wanted to take pictures of all the art that ended up on my walls and doors! We put our easel out front for Grandma to see (maybe she couldn't figure out which house was holding the art never know.) Haha. 

Grandma loved it, of course. She even purchased a lovely painting. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed my art studio day..!

Vegetables and my toddler

My husband and I have been reading up on how to get your toddler to eat, and all of those good things that mom and dad's read about, as far as feeding a toddler goes! My husband was on the verge of force feeding, which made me really upset. I know that when you force feed someone the chances of them throwing it back up is high. I didn't like to see her cry...etc. SO anyhow...he must have got the hint and started reading about how toddlers eat. What we should do, what we shouldn't do. Basically..they are meant to graze. I'm familiar with this process because I've done it for 18 months over the last two or three years. That's what pregnant mommies do!!

So then I made a connection. Toddler eating is similar to the way a pregnant person eats. Some days some things are good. Really good! But the next day...that same thing could be 'blah'. Some days you feel like eating more, others you nibble lightly. Once in a while you get on a kick, you really really crave fruit for a month, or spaghetti for a few weeks. I see that same trend in my toddler.

So, we have just started letting her chose -sort of- what she wants to eat. We offer her healthy foods. We let it sit (if the food allows for that). If she eats it all, great, if not, that's fine also.

Parent's aren't perfect, you have to learn with your toddler for sure.

I'm still having a hard time introducing things to her that I won't brussell sprouts, or cauliflower, peas....but I'm learning that just because I never liked those things..doesnt' mean that my kids will not as well.

Any tips on toddler feeding? (Who am I asking this to...? I barely have any followers?) ...and certainly no commenters.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting a little discouraged!

I've been working really hard (well not really hard...but harder than I was previously) to get people to follow my blog! I read all of these other blogs, by mom's just like myself and I just can't figure out how they do give-a-ways and have tons and tons of followers! So I'm over it. Read it if you want to, don't if you don't.

Today was a great day, and it's only 4:15. Haha. My daughter and I (she's two) painted bird houses today while I nursed my 2 month old son! The simply joys in my life! I adore it. The house is husband will be home in 30 minutes...and here I sit reminiscing on things that happened just hours ago.

I noticed today...that while I thought I was addicted to cloth diapering...that other moms have real addictions to these things! Haha. I have 9...and today I ordered a Doopsy. I've been trying for weeks to win one, to no I said whatever. I bought one. Then I found out that they are still doing their video promotion. If you buy or have a Doopsy CD, you make a video, post it and they will send you a new one FREE of charge! What! So not only did I get 17% off my Doopsy...I will be getting two for the 19 dollars that I spent (which included shipping). Then about 4 hours later...I see the Rumparooz Facebook page post that they hit 2,000 20% off! Gosh I just don't have the funds for deals like this! This one I'll have to pass on. If you are interesting in checking that out them on facebook!

I'm looking for ideas from other mommies. I was reminded the other day that having a two year old is a time to let go of life's worries and focus on the small stuff. Like putting stickers on my arm, or coloring my body with washable markers...or painting bird houses. So if you have any ideas for me and my two year old...we would gladly accept them!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rethinking my blog

So my initial thought of having a private blog to rant and rave alone has gone away. Since I've started cloth diapering...I've been checking out several other blogs and can see that its fun to blog and interact with other bloggers!! So I'm taking this blog a different way..I'm going to post questions, share things i've found, and other things like that.

My first question for all you cloth diapering mommies and daddies :

If cost were not an issue, what cloth diapering accessory would you have?

What type of CD would you buy?


Thursday, August 5, 2010

A gateway I'd like to call it!

Cloth diapering!!!

I think I've made it clear that cloth diapering is a new thing for me, and I've only tried a few of the thousands of cloth diapers out there. With that in mind...I've come to a conclusion. Cloth Diapering is addictive, and it's not only's a gateway drug as well. Even though Google defines gateway drug to be one that its self is not addicting but leads to other addictive drugs. And clearly I am not referring to drugs at all in any way.

I just got to thinking about it. There are tons of different kinds of CD's out there. Some are more common, others are not. I've only tried the BumGenius 2.0-3.0-4.0 (from cotton babies!!) and the Rumparooz G2, I have a Fuzzibunz on the way though!! There are so many colors, designs! It's incredible. I've heard great things about WAHM CD's. I haven't tried any yet. If I had a budget that would allow for it...I might though! There are several give-a-ways. I can hardly keep track of how many I've entered...I haven't won anything yet...but you certainly can't win if you don't try RIGHT?! Anyhow, a little off topic.

So now that I am interesting in this cloth diapering...I found other things. There are special laundry soaps that you need to use to wash the CD's. Then I stumbled upon cloth pads, breast and menstrual. I've never been a fan of disposable pads, so I don't think I will try the re-usable pads...but once I found those..I found people that like this thing called a Lunette cup? This is a neat little cup that 'catches', if you will, stuff, and then you remove it and rinse/clean it. You can re-use it over and over.

Then I found a diaper sprayer, something like a sink sprayer...but it goes on the back of the toilet. Seems like a necessity..but I don't know if I can spend 40 dollars on it! And I haven't seen/heard anything from real mom's who have it.

The list goes on and you know of other things that sprouted from Cloth diapering?