Friday, August 20, 2010

Have you had a day like this....?

Sure it's Friday, but essentially to us mommies...that means next to nothing. Sure my husband will be home all weekend. He'll be busy doing the things that didn't get done the weekends before. The list of things to do on the weekend is horrendous. My sister is getting married next weekend!! And I just...literally just...remembered that I have to write my speech! Gah! Add that to the weekend list. Along with get the shoes, weed the front flower beds, mow + weed wack, laundry (as always), drive down to see my parents, my sister in law's birthday, and I know there were a couple of other things. Oh yeah...and at some point maybe I will find time to relax with my hubby? My sister's bachelorette party is tomorrow evening as well, that's an all I can't attend because I am still nursing my son and the bars that she is going to allow smoking. Not a fan!

And to top all of that off.....this is what my daughter decided to do today....

The Royal Princess herself, atop the laundry basket! She's real lucky she's cute. 

What is mom looking at? ? I am going to take a nap. Will all of this be here when I wake up with the kiddos...unfortunately. I just need to restart this day. Maybe fairies will stop by while I'm napping peacefully? Ehhh.


  1. Did I say lay down and take a nap? What I meant was lay down just in time to nurse the little guy back to sleep and then right when the boy and I were nice and comfy, strikes the girl.....wakes up screaming. Which takes the boy out of his sleepy state...and the girl. So now we are all up. Up Up Up...any of us happy...not so much. I do love them.

  2. oh I hope your weekend worked out all right!

  3. Haha. It so did. Thanks so much! It's just funny to see what the little can do in just a couple of hours! As I always say...some days are just good...some days are great! LOL